Gluten Free For Love

Gluten Free For LoveSoon after you or your loved one discovered that you were gluten intolerant, you were most likely presented with the foot-long list of forbidden foods. I received mine when I started dating my husband, who is allergic to gluten.

I took it in stride to the gluten-free (GF) grocery aisle, only to be disappointed by the gluten-free breads, cakes, and cookies that were brittle as clay and tasted as good.

(That was then. Now, fortunately, there are more GF prepared foods and mixes that have passed this Test Kitchen’s strict standards for quality and excellent taste.)

Having  been a cook and a student of food science all my life, I researched the well known GF cookbooks and began experimenting with the standard ingredients: rice flour, tapioca flour, potato starch, xanthum gum, etc. I produced one dense and crumbly disappointment after another. Cooking, and especially baking, wheat free was not so easy, I quickly discovered.

Starting with a clean slate, one simple question, and the belief that there is no reason why cooking GF means you have to settle for anything less than The Best Food You Have Tasted In Your Life! I have, over time, I learned the art of GF cookery. It’s an art you can learn, too. The rules are different, which results in different ingredients and processes.

Here you will find good, bullet-proof  recipes and product reviews that will make your journey an easier one. The recipes and products on this site have all been tested thoroughly and pronounced delicious by non-gluten and gluten-eaters alike.

Along the way, I learned that gluten free is no longer a life sentence but a willful choice ordinary people like me are making for better health. People who have suffered from headaches, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, and mysterious maladies are giving Gluten Freedom a shot.

So, take up my challenge. Pick out any recipe, and serve it to the people you love. They will moan with pleasure.

And the question?

“Darling, what would you most like to eat that you haven’t had in the past 12 years?”

~Jean Ann

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